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Interview – Mark McCammon!

Mark Mccammon - Doncaster Rovers Keepmoat goalscorer

If you were to ask any Rovers fan, who was your favourite Barbadian Rovers player, most would of course plum for Jonathan Forte. Regardless the DRSG decided to interview the inaugural goal-scorer at the Keepmoat Stadium, Mark McCammon!!


1) You spent your entire football career before DRFC in what we’d class as the South (Yes, we include Bristol), what did you find the strangest thing about us Northern folk?

I didn’t find anything strange, only the change of accent, which I expected. I find northern people are more relaxed maybe because of the less stress you have rather than the London hectic lifestyle.

 2) You’ve previously criticised Dennis Wise and Mark Stimson’s style of management. If you had to go and work for one of them again which one would it be?

I would work for both, you have your ups and downs in football, but if it does get to that stage people with pride play for most importantly the supporters because they pay your wages, their team mates because they have goals and ambitions, and also playing for yourself and family whatever your goal will be.

3) It took you 9 minutes to score the first goal at the Keepmoat stadium, what did it feel like being the player who summoned in a new era for DRFC?

It’s a real honour to had become the first goalscorer ever at the Keepmoat, everyone was desperate to get it, Paul Heffernan‎ nearly scored a couple of minutes before so when I was in front of goal I had to keep my composure. It’s great because I know the first goal ever always stays in the archive.

4) You were brought into the club by John Ryan – do you still keep in contact and what are your opinions on our former owner?

John Ryan was the best chairman I’ve ever had in terms of his love for the club, his ambition and visions was to take the club as far as possible, he was always polite and respectful to me and we had a chat, laugh and a joke whenever possible. I like that in a chairman who bonded a relationship with the players. The last time I had spoke to John Ryan was towards the end of last season to arrange a commentary for a home match at the Keepmoat.

5) In your time at DRFC which 3 players did you get on with the most?

That’s hard to answer, one thing about this club was that their was no segregation, everyone stuck together and there was no best mates. It was like a family atmosphere.

6) Who would you say had the biggest influence on your football career?

Sean O’driscoll for sure, he bought the best out of me and identified my strengths and weaknesses, he made me feel like the best player ever. His tactical awareness was second to none and he always did his homework on the opposition so we knew in advance what we were up against.

7) You scored a goal at Brentford that quite clearly went in the goal and came back through the net, yet the referee, nor the linesman gave it. Did you consider lifting them above your head and throwing them over the stadium for such a blatant act of cheating?

I was more than throwing them out the stadium I was furious! and Jon Forte didn’t help because he said to me it went wide seconds after I scored, if more people had gathered together and backed me at the time I would had demanded the goal. And i also lost my goal bonus. ‎The main thing is that we went on to win the game and proceed through to the next round of the FA cup.

8) Belle Vue or Keepmoat? 

50/50 I know there was a history at Belle Vue. And it made me appreciate football more. When moving to the Keepmoat, the facilities were great and it is the perfect stadium to move the club forward in the right direction.

9) Despite playing a prominent role in Rovers promotion to the Championship, how hard was it to leave Rovers for Gillingham who were 2 divisions below the club you’d left?

Was very hard, Sean could only offer me a year to stay, which wasn’t enough as I thought I deserved more for the work I had put in after getting promoted. I like a challenge and at the time I thought it was a good move to Gillingham and very close to home, and to get promoted in the first season. But at that club things got from bad to worse and I had to be professional and play for the cause at all times.

10) At Elland Road, did you enjoy lashing the ball into some poor Leeds fans face about 6 minutes into first half?

Haha I really can’t remember that. If I did do that it must had been frustration and I hope I didn’t injure anyone.


And now for the rest…..
11) Who would win in an arm wrestle between yourself and Adebayo Akinfenwa?

I’m due a re-match with bayo as he cheated last time we had an arm wrestle at Gillingham. It was 50/50 up to the point he leant over and used his back. He is very strong and I’ve got a lot stronger in the past few years so it would be a very interesting contest.

12) You played internationally for Barbados; can you cook any of the national cuisine?

The usual West Indian dish. Rice and chicken. (surprise surprise) lol

13) Out of these named DRFC players, which do you think you could bench press? James Coppinger, Sean McDaid, Richie Wellens, Neil Sullivan.

I have a personal best bench press of 200kg so if I did the estimated maths. Neil Sullivan 90kg, Sean Mcdaid 70‎kg and Copps around 76 so would give it a go 2 players and a half. Lol

14) What’s the best ‘bad joke’ you know?

What did the tomato say to the other tomato? “Go ahead I’ll ketchup”

15) If you could be any type of Muppet character, which one would you be?

Haha crazy question. Probably Kermit the frog.

16) If Mustapha Dumbuya had a pony, what would it be called?

MusDum‎ lol

17) Who would play you in a film about your life?

Jason Price‎ great actor him lol

18) Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers all day long. If they fit hehe


19) What song irritates the life out of you every time you hear it?

Started from the bottom. Drake


20) What’s your biggest regret in life?

No regrets, everything happens for a reason and you learn from them.

Mark is now a personal trainer based in London, however he’s keen to offer a free fitness day to all Rovers fans on a match day. If you’re interested in any of the training sessions Mark offers or are interested in the fitness day – please contact Mark directly on his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/mark.mccammon?fref=ts