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DRSG AGM – Round up

For those who couldn’t make it…

  • The DRSG AGM took place on Wednesday 1st June at The Staff of Life pub, commencing at 7pm.
  • Committee member Lewis Grimes gave the introductory speech in which he thanked people for coming and listed some of the achievements that the fans have been responsible for this year including the improvement of food and match day atmosphere. He went on to announce our link with the charity Eve’s Trust as well as thanking departing board member Wes Grimes for all his hard work during his time as a committee member and founder of the Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group.
  • A raffle followed in which a hospitality package for 12 people for one game was kindly donated by the club as well as a signed shirt (donated by Wes Grimes) and some Black Bank materials. Over £60 was raised during the raffle, all of which was donated to Eve’s Trust.
  • Eve’s Trust founder Martin Lawrence exclusively announced that former Rovers player Colin Cramb is the latest player confirmed to play in this year’s charity legend game at 18th June, following on from the confirmation of Darren Anderton, John Beresford, Lee Hendrie, Chris Sutton and Paul Merson. Martin said he is keen to get more Rovers fans on board for the legends game and he thanked the DRSG for help provided in mobilising the fan base.
  • A Q & A with Doncaster Rovers CEO Gavin Baldwin and centre back Andy Butler revealed that the club expect to sign 2 players week commencing 06/06/16. Further to that Baldwin stated that some loan signings are also being lined up but there will be no movement on this until those players involved have returned to training. The possibility of a ‘family season ticket’ that would incorporate discounts for people with children was also discussed and both Butler and Baldwin expressed they were pleased to have Tommy Rowe on board as well as the other players that have signed in the close season.
  • A rovers themed quiz was won by Neil Taylor, Wes Grimes and Lee Croft at which point the AGM concluded.

Chris Sutton Confirmed for Legends game

With this year’s Legends game less than a month away, Eve’s Trust have already announced some impressive additions to the Legends team. Former England regulars Paul Merson and Darren Anderton join Lee Hendrie and John Beresford as well as Doncaster Rovers current captain James Coppinger.

The DRSG is working alongside Eve’s Trust to ensure this will be a brilliant day for Rovers fans as well as for fans of football in general. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce that premier league winner and England international Chris Sutton is the latest player to join the legends line up. Sutton played for Blackburn Rovers, Norwich, Chelsea and Celtic among others in a distinguished career before a stint in management with Lincoln City.

 His ‘SAS’ partnership with Alan Shearer was feared across the land after Sutton had become the most expensive player in English football upon joining Blackburn.

Sutton now does a lot of media work for BT Sport and 5Live so will probably be good value after the game as well if he sticks around. The Nottingham born striker will be a handful in the air and will be rubbing his hands together at the prospect of Anderton and Coppinger supplying crosses from the wings.

 Tickets are priced at £5 for adults, £3 for children and £10 for a family ticket. Contact the Doncaster Rovers Ticket Office on 01302 762576 for more details.

James Coppinger signs up for legends game

Local charity Eve’s Trust have already secured some big names for this year’s legends game. Former premier league footballers John Beresford and Paul Merson join returning England stars Darren Anderton and Lee Hendrie. Whilst this is a strong start, Rovers fans have perhaps been waiting for someone closer to home before they begin to get excited.

 With that in mind, the DRSG are pleased to announce that James Coppinger is confirmed to play this year. I played in the legends game last year and it was an incredible experience but the opportunity to play with bona fide Rovers legend James Coppinger ups the ante considerably.

Last year, I spent most of my 45 minutes on the pitch stealing admiring glances at Darren Anderton’s muscular thighs, I wouldn’t have been able to focus at all had Copps been on the pitch…

 Copps wanted to play last year but unfortunately was unavailable, so when the opportunity arose this year he made sure that he was involved. Coppinger completes a midfield that also features the aforementioned Merson, Anderton and Hendrie. Wow.

 This year’s legends event takes place on 18th June and everyone who buys a ticket will also receive a raffle ticket with the chance to win a signed Rovers shirt as well as the programme from James Coppinger’s record breaking game, signed by the man himself.

Tickets are priced at £5 for adults, £3 for children and £10 for a family ticket. Contact the Doncaster Rovers Ticket Office on 01302 762576 for more details.

Darren Anderton and Lee Hendrie confirmed for Legends game

This year’s legends event promises to be better than ever with the magic man himself Paul Merson already confirmed. We are delighted to announce, in conjunction with Eve’s Trust, that Lee Hendrie and Darren Anderton have signed up again for more this year.

 Having played in the legends game last year I can confirm that Hendrie and Anderton are formidable opponents. A photograph after the game was the closest I came to Lee Hendrie all afternoon and Anderton would probably walk into the current Rovers set up even now. Both are a touch of class both on and off the pitch and are a shining example to some of the more apathetic pros currently plying their trade in the premier league. You can’t imagine Anderton sharing the shisha pipe with Gabby Agbonlahor for example.

Lee Hendrie3
That’s me looking knackered in the background… Still the closest I got to Lee Hendrie until after the game.

So that is a midfield three of Darren Anderton, Paul Merson and Lee Hendrie. Over 1000 games at the top level and 52 England caps between them. All I can say to whoever is lucky enough to play this year is ‘good luck’!

This year’s legends event takes place on 18th June and everyone who buys a ticket will also receive a raffle ticket with the chance to win a signed Rovers shirt as well as the programme from James Coppinger’s record breaking game, signed by the man himself.

Paul Merson Announced for Legends Game

With this year legends game due to take place on June 18th, we are delighted to announce that the magic man himself, Paul Merson, is the first player to be confirmed for this years game.

Having spent an evening in the company of Merse I can confirm that he is great value and has a lot of time for his fans. The chance to actually see the man himself back on the pitch is a tantalizing one.

A veteran of nearly 300 appearances for Arsenal alone, Merse was one of the most naturally talented players of his generation. Whilst his private life was murky, it has become part of the mythology of one the premier leagues great characters.

Once again Eve’s Trust has shown they are capable of providing the people of Doncaster with only the biggest names around. With lots more exciting announcements to come, including some ex Rovers players, this year legends event promises to be at least as big and successful as previous years.


Retweets Don’t Win Football Matches

The role of any supporters group is to look after the interests of the club and its fans. Not the clubs employees, not the players, not the board. The football club itself and the Rovers fans. If we can do that whilst working alongside the clubs’ staff then all the better.

Whilst we are loathe to criticise the club, it is also our job to hold the club accountable when they do something wrong. To offer guidance when making a genuine mistake and sadly on this occasion to call out those that work for the club for continued and unacceptable mismanagement.

For anyone living under a rock, Rovers latest ‘fuck you’, to the very fans that keep the club afloat, is once again related to Louis Tomlinson. A man who should be nothing more than a shrug in human form. Following on from the cringe inducing move that Tomlinson had ‘signed’ for us a few seasons back, the latest indignity the fans have to suffer is that Rovers have now chosen his design to win a ‘competition’ to be the clubs new away strip. Not to mention his failed takeover bid.

The opportunity to see your Rovers heroes playing in a kit you have designed is attractive enough, but the additional incentive of a once in a lifetime trip to Thailand could have been an excellent PR exercise for the club as well a heart warming moment of thanks from club to fan base.

Instead this farce has once again seen the clubs name dragged through the mud. We have gone from being the envy of the football league a few short years ago to a laughing stock, stripped of all dignity and decorum. And for what?  128k Twitter followers? 146k vine loops? That doesn’t mean a fucking thing when you can’t get 5000 actual fans through the gate to watch an actual game of football. You remember football right? The reason that any of us bother to do this. The reason why people on low income pay to watch players who increasingly don’t seem to care. The reason why many people volunteer their time (like I am doing to write this article) to help the club that they love.

To put it into context, the Twitter account @common_squirrel has nearly 100k followers. The sole tweets to come from that account are the imagined repeated actions of a squirrel. It hardly seems like something to base a business model on..

This competition would have given one of our actual fans an experience to cherish for the rest of their life. Instead we have been sold down the river for a little bit of exposure, that if anything is just a fucking embarrassment to the club and the fans.

To make matters even worse the timing of this clusterfuck couldn’t possibly be any worse. Rovers are currently on the brink of relegation having not won for 16 games. The fans are in no mood for a celebrity, who in reality has done fuck all to help Rovers, to once again take centre stage. Whilst Louis Tomlinson probably has good intentions, to the best of my knowledge he has provided zero financial support and the kind of exposure that none of the fans are even slightly interested in. Why the pathetic, desperate need to shoe horn him in at every opportunity?

It is time for the club to start treating the fans with the respect they deserve. A social media team that cares more about being a resource for the fans rather than fucking inane ‘banter’ and criticizing their own fans’ fanzine. A football club is not a Twitter account. It is not an Instagram feed. It certainly isn’t something to be fucking pinned on fucking Pinterest. You can shove your vineloops up your arse.

The football club is it’s fans, it’s history and it’s legacy. Forget that at your peril.


DRSG Committee Member and Charity Hero Rob Johnson gives us a Match Review of his experience in the Charity Legends Game:

On 23rd May I was given the glorious opportunity to fulfil a lifelong ambition to play on the Keepmoat pitch – what follows is my account of a surreal but brilliant experience.

After a classic athletes night of preparation (7 pints and a pizza) the night before, I woke up early on the morning of the game to butterflies in my stomach and dreams of scoring in my mind. I was cautiously optimistic despite my head still being a bit fuzzy from the night before and I set off to meet my fellow players at the Earl of Doncaster. On the way I received a text: ‘Right wing. Second half’ I shuddered at the prospect of having to play midfield on such a massive pitch as I glimpsed my beer gut in the reflection of a car window but I was pleased to be playing in the second half rather than having to come off at half time.

I arrived at the Earl and was relieved to see my anxiety and nervousness mirrored on the faces of my teammates as we waited for the coach to take us to the Keepmoat. News filtered through that Darius Vassell had dropped out to be replaced by Mark Draper which made all of us breathe a sigh of relief – particularly the defenders.

When we arrived at the ground we were filmed coming off the coach and friends and family were on hand to give us a cheer as we emerged from the coach, all of us were trying to play it cool but I spectacularly failed at not grinning like a lunatic at the ludicrousness of the situation.

Entering the home dressing room for the first time to see my kit hung up with ‘Johnson 17’ on the back was a huge thrill obviously despite my slight annoyance at been given number 17… I imagined some of the arses that have sat on the bench I was sitting on and all the great players who had strolled victorious into that same room as well as the countless shit players who had trudged in after a defeat and the nerves really started to kick in.

We walked around the pitch in our suits for a bit evoking memories of Liverpool’s ridiculous white suits from the 1995 FA cup final before changing into our training tops for a warm up. Before I knew it we were walking out in our kits and shaking hands with the legends as kick off hurtled ever closer. I literally couldn’t believe how bloody massive Dave Beasant was, my penis shrank inside my body as we shook hands and I was also struck by how much Darren Anderton looked exactly the same as in his Euro 96 heyday.

Charity Heroes Team Photo

The game kicked off and despite our co manager Danny Schofield (ex Huddersfield Town) telling us to take our time and enjoy it, the charity side looked nervous in the first few minutes. Former Arsenal striker Perry Groves must have offended our left back Andy Mankin at some point as he felled him in the box three times in the first half, with referee Andy Butler awarding a penalty for one of them which Rob Pick duly dispatched for 1-0. Darren Anderton smashed home a second from 25 yards which led to my first Anderton inspired semi on of the day and before long the Legends were 3-0 up. The upside of this for me was that the pressure was lessened for those of us playing in the second half as the game seemed to be lost already.

Legends take a storming leaad

From nowhere though a Ryan Becks inspired come back began, starting with a pretty hilarious mix up between Beasant and his defence (don’t tell him I said that) and ending with Adam Myers levelling the game at 3-3 just before half time with a composed finish from Tom Ambler sandwiched in between. The second half team looked at each other with grim faces as the realization kicked in… it matters a lot more now. Shit.

Charity Heroes Hit Back

The second half begun with the charity team swapping all 11 players which meant that I started on the right wing. Everyone had said it was important that your first touch be a positive one and my first pass went without a hitch, it was to someone stood 3 yards away but still a strong start. My second touch was to someone clearly stood offside. My third touch was a shanked cross as was my fourth – a cross so mis-hit it actually looked like a shot. I came worryingly close to curling up in a ball and violently weeping at this point but Danny Schofield took me aside and basically just told me to calm down and I regained focus.

From there the match was a blur of goals, sideways passes (shout out to Mark Wilson) and one glorious crossfield ball from me that led to one of Karl Harrison’s two goals which I spoke about at great length to anyone who would listen for the rest of the night.

Charity Heroes score again

My first abiding memory is of feeling sick with the effort of trying to track Lee Hendrie, looking up at the score board with horror at the realization that only four minutes of the second half had passed. The Legends regained the lead of course, but the charity team fought valiantly and we pegged them back a couple of times before fitness and the outrageous ability of Darren Anderton, Julio Arca and Lee Hendrie started to show. At one point I had a ten yard head start for the ball against a 43 year old Darren Anderton and he just glided past me and stole it away. He looked so handsome as he did it as well. What a guy.

So the game wrapped up with a Dolly Parton approved score line of 9-5 to the Legends team but I will always have THAT 30 yard pass, the knowledge that I merked Phil Babb and hearing my mates chanting ‘you fat bastard’ from the stands.


Hot on the heels of last night’s announcement that Doncaster Rovers centre back Andy Butler is to referee comes news of more former Premier League stars in the shape of former Arsenal striker Perry Groves and ex rover Bruce Dyer.

Despite scoring a paltry 21 goals in 155 games for Arsenal, Groves became something of a cult hero at Arsenal for his work rate and enthusiasm and now has his own fan site and apparently Gunners fans still chant his name. More importantly Groves cult status inspired an ultimately successful campaign from Arsenal fans to push sales of Groves autobiography ahead of Ashley Coles – which is something I am sure we can all get behind.

Groves also played for Southampton and Colchester but it is an Arsenal where he will always be most remembered. He is now currently working as a football pundit on numerous shows but primarily alongside Colin Murray on talkSPORT which I imagine is a terrible experience for Perry.

Speaking of terrible experiences we are also happy to announce the return of Bruce Dyer to the legends game. Dyer played 15 games for Rovers in the 06-07 season scoring one solitary goal in a spell that is perhaps best remembered for his penalty misses in the same game albeit in pre season friendly with Middlesbrough. Much more successful was the time spent at Crystal Palace and Barnsley which saw Dyer hit over 100 league goals in 9 years.

The Charity Legends Game will be taking place at the KeepmoatStadium on Saturday 23rd May with a team of Football Legends going up against a team of a team of charity fundraisers, mostly made up of school teachers representing their academies, colleges and schools. Tickets are priced at £5 for Adults and £3 for Children. Family Tickets (2 adults and 2 children) are available for just £10 and if that wasn’t all; DRFC fans can save 50% off with their DRFC Season Ticket.

Charity Legends Game Poster

WIN 2 VIP Charity Legends Game Tickets

This Saturday, the 3rd annual “Charity Legends Game” will take place at the Keepmoat Stadium, with a Legends team starring already announced Dave Beasant, Lee Hendrie, Des Walker and Darius Vassell will take on a team of local Charity Heroes. The Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group have a pair of VIP Match Tickets to give away to one lucky fan. 

The VIP Match Experience will include:

  • Access to an Open Bar
  • Pre-Game Entertainment
  • Post Game Meal
  • A Chance to meet the Legends and Charity Heroes
  • Auction to a Match Worn Shirt
  • Entry into a  VIP Raffle
  • Central Seating for the game

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is by entering our “Caption Competiton” on our Forum HERE and submit your caption before Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 19:30.

The winner will be selected by representatives of both the DRSG Committee and the Eve Merton Dreams Trust.

Eves Dreams Trust was set up in 2011 by Martin Lawrence & Clynton Johnson. It is a non profit organisation that donates the money it raises to help create a dream for a terminally or seriously ill cancer patient in the Doncaster area which is why so many local people are very passionate about this charity which has enabled brilliant events like the legends games, the dragon boat race, poker nights and an evening with Paul Merson.

The Charity Legends Game will be taking place at the Keepmoat Stadium on Saturday 23rd May with a team of Football Legends going up against a team of a team of charity fundraisers, mostly made up of school teachers representing their academies, colleges and schools. Tickets are priced at £5 for Adults and £3 for Children. Family Tickets (2 adults and 2 children) are available for just £10 and if that wasn’t all; DRFC fans can save 50% off with their DRFC Season Ticket.

Charity Legends Game Poster

Andy Butler to referee the Charity Legends Game

After a slew of former England internationals and premier league stars including Darius Vassell, Dave Beasant, Des Walker, Frank Sinclair and Lee Hendrie, we are pleased to announce that the special guest referee for the Legends game will be a bit closer to home – none other than Rovers centre half and local lad Andy Butler.

Butler is obviously unable to play due to complicated insurance reasons and also because he is probably knackered from carrying the rest of the Rovers defence since January! As a qualified referee Butler has kindly offered to take up the mantle vacated by Uriah Rennie at last year’s legends game.

Butler will have to look out for some tough challenges on Darren Anderton, as any glimmer of contact will no doubt result in serious injury, as well as tongue in cheek chants of ‘the referee’s a wanker‘ from the Rovers faithful…

The announcement of Butler is further strengthening the link between the Eve Mertons Dream Trust and Doncaster Rovers and hopefully will convince the Rovers contingent to come down and support a brilliant local charity with tickets priced at £5 for adults and £3 for children with a 50% discount for season ticket holders.

The Charity Legends Game will be taking place at the Keepmoat Stadium on Saturday 23rd May with a team of Football Legends going up against a team of a team of charity fundraisers, mostly made up of school teachers representing their academies, colleges and schools. Tickets are priced at £5 for Adults and £3 for Children. Family Tickets (2 adults and 2 children) are available for just £10 and if that wasn’t all; DRFC fans can save 50% off with their DRFC Season Ticket.

Charity Legends Game Poster