Rovers Vs Oldham Match Preview

When I was a kid there was another kid who used to bully me at school. As my name is Robert Johnson he used to call me ‘rubber johnny’ which on reflection is actually quite funny. He also introduced me to a game called ‘super trip ups’ which consisted of him tripping me up, calling me a queer and farting on my head.

One day I heard a rumour that his no doubt horrible parents were moving away and that he would be moving schools. Every day I got off the school bus and prayed that his awful grinning face would not be waiting for me on the playground. Every day I suffered abject disappointment as he appeared, leering at me like Dennis the Menace, waiting for me like a spider waits for a chubby, awkward fly.

After a while I started to think he would never leave and I began to just accept that life would always consist of 8 hours of misery punctuated by crying in the shower and then going to sleep. Then one day, one glorious day, I arrived at school and he was nowhere to be seen. His name was left unanswered when the register was called. My dinner money stayed in my pocket. He was gone.

Even this terrible ordeal and ultimate redemption was nothing compared to how utterly delighted I was to discover that Paul Dickov had finally been sacked earlier this month. Two and a half years of miserable home displays and heartache are finally at an end and so we come to Oldham…

Like Rovers, Oldham have just sacked their manager after winning one home game all season (against Fleetwood Town, also the only team Rovers have managed to beat.) Oldham are a cautionary tale to Rovers. Proof that sacking Paul Dickov is no guarantee of instant success and with interim manager Rob Jones still mystifyingly looking to Dickov for advice, you get the feeling things could still get worse for Rovers before they get better.

Having said that Oldham are also in dire straits, finding themselves just one point and one place above Rovers following their embarrassing 5-1 home defeat against Peterborough with ex Rover Jonathan Forte struggling to replicate his form of last season. What a shame. Joining Forte at the Latics is former Rovers loan ‘star’ Joseph Mills.

Match Prediction – Rovers have such a small squad that temporary manager Rob Jones can’t do a great deal in terms of personnel. If Jones is anything though he is a motivator and a leader – something which has been desperately lacking this season. Whilst Rovers are poor, I suspect Oldham are poorer. Something has to give. DRFC 2-1 Oldham – Williams and Main to score.

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