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Merry Christmas from everyone at DRFC Exiles

This is as good a time as any to reflect on the past year, so here goes.

Of course we were all disappointed when the proposed takeover by John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson was turned away by the Football League.

Ryan’s drive and passion has been, as yet, unrivalled at Rovers and is certainly something that we miss. His presence is certainly missed, from drive and ambition to his cameo appearances in the media.

As we stand, with the poor home form, it is hard to see when we will make it out of the right end of League One. If only we could match the form we have shown on the road at the Keepmoat.

But it is important to keep supporting the team and manager just as we would have done with JR at the helm.

Thankfully, that’s what you have done. You’ve supported the team in droves across the country, from the 243 mile trip to Yeovil, to the 17 mile journey to Barnsley, you’ve been there. That shows the true grit and spirit of football supporters. We’ve had the highest highs and the lowest lows possible in football over the past few years, but we still keep attending the matches.

Thank you.

Another big thank you goes out to everyone who has helped the Exiles out and supported us throughout the year and during our transition to make us what we are. The DRSG have been good enough to let us join in on their mission and we are extremely grateful for the help they have given us.

We cannot end the year without mentioning the hard work put in to Doncaster Rovers by Steve Uttley, who has now sadly left the club. Without Steve’s support, the Exiles would not be where we are today. He, along with Gavin Baldwin, have worked tirelessly to help us become an established supporters’ group. Between them, they listened to what we had to say and where we wanted to go with the Exiles to achieve our goal.

We send our best wishes, on behalf of all DRFC Exiles, to Steve for the future and in his new job. Also we would like to send Gavin our bests over the remainder of this season and into the future to help Rovers progress and gain success again.

Thank you very much for staying with us. Remember to keep an eye out for exclusives from the Exiles in the near future.

Here’s to a promising future and remainder of the season for Doncaster Rovers.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and an outstanding New Year.

Rovers till we die.

The DRFC Exiles


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Welcome to the new home of DRFC Exiles – who have become the first independent group to join forces with the DRSG in our aim of being an umbrella organisation for all Doncaster Rovers Fans.

The DRSG exists for the benefit of all Rovers fans and we know that those who aren’t as local as they’d like to be do rely on the internet and social media in keeping up to date with all things Rovers related. The DRSG will be working hard to make this section of our website dedicated to our Exiled fans all over the world.

Not only will we be looking to make this a hub of information, but also invite our exiles to share their stories following the Rovers despite living hundreds and (in some cases) thousands of miles away.

If you’re an exile and want to get involved, please email  info@doncasterroverssupportersgroup.org

We are a democratic group set up to represent the wishes and concerns of Doncaster Rovers Supporters to the club. We are, and always will be, free to join and we welcome input from all DRFC fans, regardless of their views.

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