Doncaster Rovers vs Wycombe Wanderers: Match Preview

Two teams who have been tormented by injury problems face off against one another, but will Rovers be able to bounce back from their loss against Blackpool?

The last time Wycombe Wanderers and Doncaster Rovers met was in 2006, drawing 2-2 due to goals from Graeme Lee and Jonathan Forte. In fact, the two clubs have only met three times with Rovers never losing a game against them.

As I sit here, with my laptop on my knee, I am still in a state of depression from the tragic day out at the seaside. The way Rovers performed certainly raised a few concerns. The lack of Andy Williams in the side seems to have caused a lack of determination, mental strength and a passion to succeed. We have spent every appearance without him desperately hanging on to wins we’d only just attained and that stroke of luck was certainly about to change. This poor run of form definitely needs to be fixed, and fast. Perhaps the addition of Tyler Garratt rather than Cedric Evina, who may need resting after taking a knock against Blackpool. He has been a major weakness in defence as of late. Garratt has shown promise during pre-season and in the EFL Trophy and I hope he will add that solidity – along with an ability to actually defend – that we have been lacking in recent fixtures. On a more positive note, Marko Marosi is probably going to be fit despite hobbling off the field after the fourth Blackpool goal went in. Marko has been brilliant in goal all season since becoming Rovers’ number one, making saves that have certainly ensured we hung on to a few victories.

This season, Gareth Ainsworth’s men find themselves 21st in the table, only winning one game this month so far. This low position in the table is presumably due to them having a bit of an injury crisis at the beginning of the season. However, in a similar way to Rovers they may be slowly regaining their formerly absent players as they become fit which may mean that they will be more impressive than anyone can predict – especially if the newly fit additions are particularly impressive.

One to watch

Adebayo Akinfenwa: Like this wasn’t the worlds’ most obvious choice. The ex-rovers striker is an absolute tank and there is no doubt he will tear the sloppier members of our defence to shreds with his immense presence and super-human strength. However, Andy Butler may actually relish the idea of marking the strongest man in English football, and certainly isn’t afraid of such physical battles. It might be interesting to watch.

Big Weekend

John Marquis: Since Andy Williams abandoned him up front, it doesn’t seem that the best signing of the Summer really knows what to do with himself. He seemed totally lost on his own on Saturday and, instead of being as hard working as he usually is, did nothing of note all game. He needs to step up and dig in to ensure he makes up for the absence of his strike partner.

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