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Exclusive Interview – John Ryan!!!


This summer brought more takeover frenzy at the Keepmoat as John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson launched a bid to try and become joint owners of the club. The bid was unsuccessful with the Football Leagues regulations standing in their way. As a result John Ryan announced that he was ‘finished with football’, something that no doubt brought great dismay to all Doncaster Rovers fans.

The man who saved DRFC in 1998 from inevitable liquidation was announcing the end of one amazing ride which had seen us win 4 promotions, including 2 play off wins, claim the Johnstones Paint Trophy and have a giant killing run in the League Cup.

I’d tried several times to get into contact with John since the collapse but with no avail. The pain of the summer’s events had no doubt taken its toll.  However when I finally got a chance to speak to our most successful chairman, through his daughter Claire I didn’t know how to approach it.

My whole Doncaster Rovers supporting life under John Ryan had for the most been a fulfilling experience. I’d argue that not many supporters in Britain had been treated to such highs that we’d had at the club and I wanted to relive that with the man who’d delivered it.

It was clear from the moment John picked up the phone that football still played a huge part in his life. The passion and romance John still displayed when he spoke about the club was still there. It was like speaking to any fan I’d come across. After all this was a supporter of the club first and a Chairman second.

I was keen to focus on the great times we had and not those that have stained the last two summers and John delivered in so many ways. His voice crackled with emotion when he talked of the achievements made and the sense of camaraderie at the club during its meteoric rise.


So we at the DRSG present to you, the most influential man in Doncaster Rovers history, John Ryan in his first interview since the summer!


1) You came back to the club in 1998 when the club had next to nothing in terms of equipment. Was there anything you had to send a lackey out to get last minute, as they never got taken into consideration till the last minute?

The club was knackered when I arrived back, the club needed money desperately, I had to give a bond to the Conference for a substantial sum, people didn’t realise what a situation we were in. We had to pick players up on the way down to Dover; I celebrated because we only lost 1-0.  We had no shirts so I’d been in contact with Neil Warnock to borrow some off Sheffield United. As it was we found some of the East Riding Sacks shirts and wore those. The fans were terrific in those early days, helping fix up the Stadium to ensure we could play. Everyone wanted to contribute, a great sense of camaraderie and team spirit surged through the club.


2) How much truth is there in the rumour that you bought all the squad a Peters Crispy Cod following promotion one year? What would you recommend from the menu?

I always recommend Crispy Cod because it’s the finest Fish and Chip shop in the whole of England. I’m partial to Fish and Chips and I’ve tried them up and down the country, mainly at away venues where Rovers are playing. After the game where we’d won handsomely I delivered it to them, it was great fun. I know players shouldn’t eat Fish and Chips but I was more than happy for them to do it on a Saturday night after they’d thrashed a side then it’s fair enough with a pint of bitter to go with it. That was the ‘Pub team having a laugh’ mentality. My Bentley has seen plenty of Fish and Chips piled in the back, the last time being just last week. I was in Doncaster and found time to nip off for a Crispy Cod.


3) Your goals to game ratio at DRFC is worse than Mark Sales, Justin Jacksons and Neil Campbell’s, do you feel you could have delivered more on the pitch in our Conference promotion year?

No because my record if you look at it another way is: Played one, won one!


4) Off the fence now, Belle Vue or the Keepmoat Stadium?

Without any doubt, Belle Vue. Fantastic atmosphere, other than the Keepmoat for the Southend game it is unfortunately fairly soulless.


5) Who has been your favourite DRFC player to grace our turf during your time at the helm? 

I think Coppinger. Closely followed by Wellens and Stock.


6) What has been your best moment at Doncaster Rovers?

Without doubt walking on the Wembley pitch having beaten Leeds, I was in dreamland. It couldn’t have been any better if we’d beaten Manchester United, it couldn’t have been any better than beating good old Leeds United!


7) What’s the worst you’ve been treated as a Chairman at an opposition ground?

Worst was at Boston United away when a load of purported Rovers fans, though I believe they were Donny Whites spent the whole game having a go at me and I was with my daughter so that left me feeling very, very annoyed. That was way back in the conference.


8) Have you ever signed a player on a whim without seeing them play?

I don’t think I have really. I always left that with my manager and his scouting network.


9) What’s been your favourite Rovers chant of all time?

‘Just a Pub team, having a laugh’ – it embodied the tremendous spirit going through the club in those years and a tremendous enthusiasm that somewhere along the way we seem to have lost.


10) Where do you honestly think we’ll finish this season?

My heart says playoffs, my head says…mid table.


11) Have you ever donned the Donny Dog outfit and masqueraded in disguise?

No hahaha. I can’t get in, its too small. Otherwise I probably would have done. I left that to Andy Liney!


12) What moment has made you laugh more than any other at football?

Andy Liney when he was mimicking the dance behind all the Vikettes. Definitely one from Andy Lineys time as Donny Dog, though I must add Claire does a fantastic job too


The questions on everyone’s lips:

13) What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen?

Without doubt that bloody film with the guy from Ali G, it was bloody awful, erm, I think its called Borat!


14) What is your favourite cheese?

Smoked Austrian


15) Who’s the most famous person in your phone contacts?

I’ll give you three, Sir Alex Ferguson, Kevin Pieterson and Louis Tomlinson


16) Whats your signature dish. Do you make a mean Spag Bol?

My signature dish is definitely collecting Fish and Chips. I don’t cook so I don’t make a mean Spag Bol or a mean anything else.


17) What’s your biggest phobia?

Watching Leeds United win!


18) Boxers or briefs?

Hahaha too much info!


19) 1D or John Parr?

1D – I like John Parr but I must say 1D as I saw them in concert not long back and they were brilliant!


20) If Mustapha Dumbuya had a pony what would it be called?



Final question (its a thinker): If you could have a chance to play again in a testimonial game – who would you take on, under what manager and with what other 10 rovers players in your side?

I’d like to take on a Manchester United legends team, captained by Bryan Robson and managed by Sir Alex Ferguson

GK: Sullivan

RB: Marples

CB: Jones

CB: McCombe

LB: Snodin

RM: Coppinger

CM: Wellens

CM: Stock

LM: Mcindoe

ST: Sharp

ST: Jeffery


Manager: Sean O’Driscoll


So that brings us to the end of my brief encounter with John Ryan. The one thing clear throughout the interview was the passion displayed towards the club and the camaraderie shown by the fans and directors alike to build the club to what it is today. We chased a dream and cut teams down to size along the way.

If John Ryan never returns to the capacity as Chairman of the club he has achieved a legacy that will be unsurpassed. After years of being a team who were regularly joked about we suddenly began to laugh harder than those around us. The youth football pitches started to fill up with Doncaster Rovers shirts and the town proudly acknowledged there was a football team again.

So on behalf of the DRSG and the supporters of a club that was on the brink of extinction, thanks for giving this generation and the next somewhere to go dream every Saturday!


John Ryan was interviewed by Wesley Grimes on behalf of the Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group

Competition – WIN A FREE SHIRT!

Selfie Competition


Olé Olé, Olé Olé, Olé Olé, Donny Rovers away, Donny Rovers away, Olé Olé!!! 

We’ve had Donny Rovers fans loud and proud at home or on the road for many a season and travelled the length and breadth of the country in spreading our viking cheer… but how much further afield have you taken you’re beloved Rovers shirts?

Over the glorious summer we’ve seen a plethora of red-faced blokes, knobbly kneed sons and daughters and sun-bleached wives sporting the famous red and white hoops in destinations ranging from York to New York, Skegness to Skiathos.
You know whilst your cramming your newly bought comedy Hawaiian style shirt and ‘worn once, every year’ flipflops into your suitcase that you always make room for a Rovers shirt to wear with pride as you strut down the ‘strip’, offering a gentleman’s nod to any other football league fan you pass who happens to eye-up the badge and try to figure you out.
We’ve enjoyed your holiday snaps on our facebook group so much that we’re wanting more!!So – we’re proposing a competition!!In keeping with the vain modern phenomena of looking at your own face through a lens we want our loyal supporters to get out there and get taking some selfies!! They don’t necessarily have to be ‘holiday’ photos seen as the sun seems to have disappeared quicker than Paul Quinn at a training ground but the rules are – they have to contain something rovers related (whether this be a rovers shirt, ground, player, ex-player, or anything else ridiculously linked with the club) and they have to contain at least one face!
AND to reward you for your gurning efforts, we will pick out our favourite to win a FREE home or away shirt come the end of the year!!You can’t say fairer than that!!So get out there, cameras at the ready, and get them uploaded to either our facebook group ‘Doncaster Rovers FC‘ with the #drfcselfie hashtag or tag us in twitter @DRSG_DRFC with your picture!! Alternatively if you’re not much of a social media wizard send them direct to us at: info@doncasterroverssupportersgroup.orgWe will pick out our favourites every month and take the winning nominations to a vote on our forum here before announcing the winner in the new year!!!

So, inspired by Dangerous Dave Morley – get snapping!!



Footgolf comes to Doncaster this weekend.  One of the fastest growing hybrid sports has launched its centre of excellence in High Melton and the Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group has secured a fantastic deal for you to try it out!

Ever fancied yourself as a dead ball specialist?  Do you pull out of tackles faster than David Cotterill? Well nows your chance to prove your worth in the non-contact sport thats taking the nation by storm!

For just £1 (the price of a child to watch Rovers Vs. Leek in the Conference) you can try out the new facilities. Simply ring 0800 6899552 and quote ‘Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group’ when making your booking to get a trial of the course at this amazing price this weekend only.

High Melton
South Yorkshire

Opens: 9AM
Last Tee Off: 19:30

No football boots or blades to be worn on the course.

See what its all about here:

“It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards of FootGolf”
T. Offe

Louis and John team up with Crowdfunder

John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson are launching a crowdfunding campaign to assist with funding for DRFC.

Tomlinson commented: “For me, this is all about the football, the community and restoring the excitement and desire to making Doncaster Rovers the most exciting club to play for in Yorkshire. I want to see the Doncaster Rovers supporters get the club the success it deserves. I grew up in Doncaster and have felt the love for football run through the town, it’s for that reason that I have a real personal passion to make Doncaster Rovers a success story. This is a big step which I believe will open up opportunities to provide a very, very exciting future for the club and its supporters,’

More news to follow.

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Louis Tomlinson – Doncaster Rovers takeover complete


After a number of false dawns we can now confirm that the consortium headed by John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson has concluded their deal to buy Doncaster Rovers Football club.


Louis Tomlinson Doncaster Rovers Takeover


The deal will be made public on Thursday (19th June) at a press conference in London but an announcement by DRFC is expected tonight.

On behalf of our membership we wish to extend a warm welcome to both John and Louis and look forward to a productive relationship between the DRSG and the new board at DRFC. We’d also like to thank both Terry Bramall and Dick Watson for all their hard work and investment since joining the club in 2006.

If you’d like to join the Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group please fill in the form below, it’s completely free of charge and allows Doncaster Rovers fans to have their voice heard.


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