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What We Learnt From Meet The Owners

Twice a year, fans have the opportunity to gather together without having to endure any actual football in the form of a ‘Meet The Owners’ evening. The world famous Keepmoat hospitality suite is the venue and any Tom, Dick or Dickhead has the opportunity to grill the people responsible for making the big decisions at Doncaster Rovers. Here’s a brief summary of what happened…

• First of all, Fergie. The fans love him, that’s very clear. This was made abundantly obvious when nearly every single question was directed to him. It was like when you have that one favourite uncle at Christmas and you are trying to tell him how much you love your new Christmas Lego and your other two fucking uncles keep trying to join in. Fuck off uncle Ian!

• Although DF was asked some stupid questions at times, he managed to remain dignified and eloquent in the face of constant idiocy. When being repeatedly asked about departing players ‘What about Rob Jones?, What about the McKay’s? What about Harry Forrester?’, Fergie replied with ‘Well where does it end? What about Brian Stock?’ cue laughter. Well played Darren. Well played.

• It was nice to see DF also treating the question ‘Can you borrow your Dads hair dryer?’ with the utter disdain that it merited. The question ‘Can you borrow any players from Manchester United?’ was also correctly batted away with ‘We don’t want any!’

• It was positive to see Fergie once again singing the praises of the Black Bank commenting, ‘Amazing, both home and away they’ve been amazing. Supporters have been fantastic even when it’s not been going our way.’

• Dick Watson was drinking pints of 1879. Man of the people.

• The biggest laugh of the night somehow came from the DRSG’s very own Lee Croft. As friends of Crofty will attest to, the thin white duke is very rarely knowingly funny so this will possibly go down as the best moment of his life. When Gavin Baldwin handed the mic to Mr Croft to explain the complications with purchasing tickets online, Crofty performed in outstanding fashion, reciting the various long-winded links as if it was second nature and being rewarded with a round of applause and a chorus of laughter (pity?) from those at the top table. Reports that Crofty then dropped the mic and drove off into the night with Cheddar Bob and 50 Cent are yet to be confirmed.

• On a more serious note, Fergie was bullish about our current defensive woes stating we have a system to suit all our defenders and that he currently thinks that area is ‘…ok’. Hmmm.

• Another point raised was the formation of the supporters’ board. Martin O’Hara explained how the board would allow members from all the supporters organisations to meet regularly and feed back to the club directly. Minutes of these meetings will be available for all to see and there will also be a spot on the Doncaster Rovers website where fans can submit their feedback to the club 24/7.

• Of course, the subject of catering reared it’s grotesque, overpriced head once again. I think every fan sat there knew it was bound to at some point. Yet again, there were mentions of the infamous ‘national baker’ nearby. I have no idea what company the people are raving about but they always mention it.

• Rovers new kit supplier will be FTB (me neither). In fairness, a £39.99 price point is not overly ludicrous and as this is FTB’s opportunity to break into the UK market, they will probably be willing to chuck a lot of money at the club to promote their kits; hence the possibility of a potentially life ruining pre-season tour of Thailand. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how much pies are going to be at stadiums in Asia, or if you can pay on the gate. Tickets for Mayfield’s plane will be available soon I’m sure of it…

Lizzie Robinson & Rob Johnson

Meet The Owners

Meet The Owners

DRFC Meet the Owners


Tickets are now available for the bi-annual ‘Meet The Owners’ event at the Keepmoat Stadium on Thursday 4th February 2016 (7pm), located in the East Stand and, as usual, the DRSG will be Tweeting from the event live for those that can’t make it.

The free event which will take place on Thursday 4th February 2016 (7-8pm) will provide fans with their first opportunity to field questions to First Team Manager Darren Ferguson, who will be flanked by CEO Gavin Baldwin and the DRFC board of directors. In the hour before the event fans will be able to view the kit designs which have been shortlisted for the kit design competition.


Tickets can be obtained from the Keepmoat Stadium Ticket Office or by calling 01302 762576.

If you can’t make it follow the DRSG Twitter for a live feed on the night.


Paul Dickov Sacked as manager

Its official!

After much speculation, disagreement, statistics and frustration and no doubt plenty of consideration by our usually dormant board they have finally decided it is the right time to show Paul Dickov the door.

Following an unarguably disappointing start to the campaign that has seen us gather just 6 points from our opening 6 matches through a series of lacklustre performances in which we seem to be fruitless in front of goal it seems most fans, bar the odd maniac, had turned on the scot.

His number seemed up when irrepressible shyster, internet gob and quality t-shirt manufacturer Robert Ghosh made his ‘Dickov Out’ campaign public at the meet the owners, and Dickov (in one of his finest moments as Rovers manager) called the young antagonist a “nob”.

Speculation has already begun about his replacement, no doubt Dave Penney, SOD, Saunders, Sammy Chung, Kevin Keegan, Brain Flynn and Fred Emery will all be suggested by respected nostalgia hunters and will undoubtedly find their way onto an odds list somewhere.

Onwards and upwards for the Rovers, here’s hoping the new appointment’s name will fit in an easy to learn, repetitive song so the Black Bank can repeat it endlessly with mild enthusiasm.