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The ‘M180’ Derby – DRFC vs SUFC Match Preview

DRFC fan Rob Johnson gives us his preview of the upcoming game this Sunday when local rivals Scunthorpe travel up the ‘M180’ for what is hoped to be a tasty final fixture.

Rovers latest embarrassment against Notts County now makes it no wins in seven whilst a rejuvinated Scunthorpe have lost just once in eight games and will now finish above Rovers should they win on Sunday – something that would have been unthinkable a few short weeks ago. Indeed to further drive the point home Rovers best player in recent weeks has been Scunthorpe’s Theo Robinson…

I have spoke a lot about recent games being meaningless and on paper the final home game of the season is just that. Dickov has taken it upon himself to start throwing young players in the starting line up seemingly at random, the latest beneficiary being the highly rated Jack McKay.

Whilst blooding products of the youth system is to be encouraged in the right situation is it really appropriate when you have won only two out of your last twelve games and none in seven? Experience is always welcome but what will playing in these games do for the younger players confidence especially in front of hostile and frustrated crowd? And what of the fans who have been asked to pay for the privilege of watching what is essentially a reserve team being comfortably beaten by one of the worst sides in the division in Notts County?

Paul Dickov has rendered the end of the season utterly meaningless on the playing field with his scattershot approach to team selection and failure to motivate his players. The players themselves have contributed to the malaise with timid and at times pathetic showings and the board have taken any sting out of the tail off the field by making it very clear that Dickov’s job is safe no matter what happens. So again on paper this couldn’t be a more meaningless game…

But luckily football is about the fans, and for the fans Doncaster Rovers vs Scunthorpe United will never be a meaningless game. It is short excited journeys up the M180 and dejected trudges back home. It is Mickey Norburys hat trick and Billy Sharp’s beautiful exposed torso. It is tedious 0-0 draws and stunning 4-3 victories all watched with the same level of tension and passion and bitter rivalry, it is Gregg Blundell wheeling away in jubilation on Boxing Day in front of 2000 people going mental in the Popular Stand, but most of all, above everything else it is OUR derby. So forget about Dickov in or out. Forget about Bramall and Watson. Remember WE are the fans, WE are the club, and there is nothing fucking meaningless about Rovers vs Scunny.

See you next season.


Rob’s prediction: 0-0


Magpies vs Rovers: Match Preview

Rovers fan Rob Johnson gives us his Match Preview ahead of the Rovers clash with the Magpies this Saturday at Meadow Lane…

The Rovers squad will no doubt be disgusted to have to rise from their sun loungers and remove their flip flops for another game that is totally meaningless for us but vital for the opposition.

After the 3-0 humbling at MK Dons, Rovers have now gone 6 long games without a victory and I think we all want to put this disappointing season behind us as quickly as possible. Probably not as much as the Notts County fans though who have now waited a nauseating 11 games to see the Magpies register a victory. ‘I’ll probably get accused of being stupid, naive and everything else but we competed really well’ commented a beleaguered Paul Dickov on Tuesday night – he has been accused of being a fair few worse things by some sections of the rovers faithful as well but two strong victories against teams below us in the table (especially against local rivals Scunthorpe) would go some way to restoring a bit of pride and Notts County are one of only three teams in league 1 that have somehow managed to lose more home games than we have.

Rovers have made enough laughable defensive errors to make Nick Hancock blush this season and even man mountain Rob Jones triumphant return against Orient seems to have been a false dawn after the three goals shipped against MK Dons – still at least they can reminisce with Notts County’s Mustapha Dumbaya about some of the glorious goals we conceded when he was at DRFC…

The encouraging thing from a footballing point of view is we have nothing to lose and Notts County, needing a victory to avoid relegation, have to come out and attack us so on paper this should be quite an entertaining game but we have already played out a drab 0-0 draw and atrocious 0-1 defeat against Notts County at the Keepmoat this season so maybe don’t expect too much.

Prediction Notts County 1-2 DRFC Leroy Lita to score his customary goal against us

Match Preview: ‘Franchise’ FC vs DRFC

Rob Johnson previews Rovers trip to Stadium MK this coming Tuesday:

Match Preview:

Franchise FC vs DRFC: Match Preview by Rob Johnson

Rovers travel to non football club and all round aberration MK Dons on Tuesday night for one of the most meaningless games in recent memory from a rovers point of view. Whilst it is quite nice to not end a season feeling sick with nerves and staring at league tables for answers that never come, nobody can say they are pleased with rovers recent form which has seen just two victories in ten, including five lacklustre winless games at home – most recently a turgid 0-0 draw against Fleetwood in which both goalkeepers could have been wearing a nightcap and pyjamas and slept until the 87th minute such was the lack of action.

In that same period MK Franchise have gone 8 games unbeaten and scored 22 goals in the process including their recent 6-1 shellacking of an increasingly embarrassing Leyton Orient outfit. The Dons are a point off the automatic promotion places and whilst it would be sweet to keep them in league 1 for another season it seems unlikely given rovers recent performances and the appearance of names such as ‘Evina’ and ‘Lund’ in the first team. I always quite like the last few games of a mid table season when you get a chance to see some old faces. It is akin to seeing a distant relative at a summer wedding. ‘Ah there is old bumbling uncle Cedric falling over his laces again’, although to be fair he managed not to do anything too comical against Fleetwood.

Surely it is time to stop messing about with Clarke-Harris and give Curtis Main 90 minutes to try and boost his confidence before next season and this also feels like an opportune time to continue blooding the likes of Middleton and Lund but it is nigh on impossible to guess Dickov’s team sheet at the moment as he seems to have no idea what it should be himself…

This should be rovers lowest away attendance of the season what with many fans boycotting MK Dons for obvious reasons and also the Tuesday night factor and general end of season malaise but for those hardy few that do go I really hope we come back with at least a point but my head says defeat.

Prediction: MK Dons 2-1 DRFC