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Ten Things to Expect at the DRSG AGM

On the eve of the DRSG’s second AGM, we take a look at what will be on offer for our beautiful members…

1. A Rovers themed quiz

Facebook, Twitter and the forums have long shown that football fans love a quiz. I recently spent an infuriating day at work trying to list 5 England players since 2000 with a Z in their name for example…

For this reason we have put together a quiz on all things Rovers, written and delivered by our glorious chair Lee Croft. Who doesn’t want to spend their Wednesday nights arguing about whether Mark Barnard or Dean Barrick played the most number of games?

2. Five people that hate public speaking being forced to speak in public

As you can imagine, people that volunteer to run a supporters group for a league 2 football team are not famed for their social skills. We have spent a lifetime being dangerously overweight/skinny as an 8 year old girl/shaped like an Earthworm as well as having a God complex/drowning in a pit of our own lack of self-esteem/being nothing (delete as applicable).

When you remove the safety veil of a bunch of 15 year old virgins, you are left with a selection of unhealthy, ugly men who find themselves in various stages of a midlife crisis, stuttering into a squeaky microphone whilst trying not to cry. I can’t wait.

3. A lot of moaning

Rovers fans bloody love moaning. We have moaned our way up to the championship and complained back down to League 2. Only in non league were we truly happy (cries of ‘get Duerdan on’ aside).

Many of us will be downright excited at the opportunity to collect in one place and pick apart last season as only a horde of disgruntled Yorkshire folk can. I’m not sure what the collective noun for Yorkshire men is? A shambles of Yorkshiremen perhaps?

4. An appearance from Rovers CEO Gavin Baldwin

Gavin Baldwin has kindly agreed to field a Q & A from Rovers fans at our AGM for the second year running. Last year, our AGM took place straight after a 5-2 victory over Scunthorpe so it was an easy ride, not so this year I imagine. To be fair to Gavin, it takes a certain constitution to open yourself up to the fans following such a rotten season. Good on him but rather him than me.

5. The new look Staff of Life

A lot of us have been regulars in the Staff since it rebranded itself as a Rovers pub, but for many it could be a chance to take it in for the first time. Free taxis to home games has been a successful initiative and all the Rovers memorabilia helps to make the Staff feel like home. Rovers themed beer is always a welcome addition and we are looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces and then getting leathered and inevitably brawling.

6. More information about the Eve’s Trust ‘Legends’ game

We started our relationship with Eve’s Trust before the Legends game last year and are hoping to strengthen this relationship in the coming months. With various charity events, including a tough mudder, on the horizon, we hope the DRSG and Eve’s Trust will continue to work together closely. The Legends game is the biggest event of the year for Eve’s Trust and we will be running through the details and various competitions at our AGM.

7. New signing evaluations

Fergie has moved quickly in the transfer market with Tommy Rowe, Matty Blair, Ross Etheridge and almost certainly Gary McSheffrey already snapped up. Obviously every Rovers fan will have totally and unwaveringly made a judgement on each signing despite the fact they have either never seen them play (Etheridge and Blair) or slagged them off to high heaven last season (Rowe and McSheffrey).

8. A special guest speaker

We can’t confirm who this is yet (and no, not because we have no idea who it will be ourselves thank you very much) but we can confirm it will be someone worth listening to. On a serious note we want to give our AGM as much of an ‘event’ feel as we can, to say thank you for your support since our humble beginnings.

9. Discussions on the future of the Black Bank

The Black Bank is synonymous with the DRSG and I’m sure we can all agree how successful it has been in improving the atmosphere this season. The Black Bank is always an open forum but the best chance to have your voice heard is to come down to the AGM. The changes in the South Stand have not gone completely without a hitch so it will be cathartic to get some stuff out in the open perhaps.

10. A chance to see Neil Taylor’s Curtis Main tattoo in the flesh

The daft bastard…

Chris Sutton Confirmed for Legends game

With this year’s Legends game less than a month away, Eve’s Trust have already announced some impressive additions to the Legends team. Former England regulars Paul Merson and Darren Anderton join Lee Hendrie and John Beresford as well as Doncaster Rovers current captain James Coppinger.

The DRSG is working alongside Eve’s Trust to ensure this will be a brilliant day for Rovers fans as well as for fans of football in general. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce that premier league winner and England international Chris Sutton is the latest player to join the legends line up. Sutton played for Blackburn Rovers, Norwich, Chelsea and Celtic among others in a distinguished career before a stint in management with Lincoln City.

 His ‘SAS’ partnership with Alan Shearer was feared across the land after Sutton had become the most expensive player in English football upon joining Blackburn.

Sutton now does a lot of media work for BT Sport and 5Live so will probably be good value after the game as well if he sticks around. The Nottingham born striker will be a handful in the air and will be rubbing his hands together at the prospect of Anderton and Coppinger supplying crosses from the wings.

 Tickets are priced at £5 for adults, £3 for children and £10 for a family ticket. Contact the Doncaster Rovers Ticket Office on 01302 762576 for more details.

James Coppinger signs up for legends game

Local charity Eve’s Trust have already secured some big names for this year’s legends game. Former premier league footballers John Beresford and Paul Merson join returning England stars Darren Anderton and Lee Hendrie. Whilst this is a strong start, Rovers fans have perhaps been waiting for someone closer to home before they begin to get excited.

 With that in mind, the DRSG are pleased to announce that James Coppinger is confirmed to play this year. I played in the legends game last year and it was an incredible experience but the opportunity to play with bona fide Rovers legend James Coppinger ups the ante considerably.

Last year, I spent most of my 45 minutes on the pitch stealing admiring glances at Darren Anderton’s muscular thighs, I wouldn’t have been able to focus at all had Copps been on the pitch…

 Copps wanted to play last year but unfortunately was unavailable, so when the opportunity arose this year he made sure that he was involved. Coppinger completes a midfield that also features the aforementioned Merson, Anderton and Hendrie. Wow.

 This year’s legends event takes place on 18th June and everyone who buys a ticket will also receive a raffle ticket with the chance to win a signed Rovers shirt as well as the programme from James Coppinger’s record breaking game, signed by the man himself.

Tickets are priced at £5 for adults, £3 for children and £10 for a family ticket. Contact the Doncaster Rovers Ticket Office on 01302 762576 for more details.

Darren Anderton and Lee Hendrie confirmed for Legends game

This year’s legends event promises to be better than ever with the magic man himself Paul Merson already confirmed. We are delighted to announce, in conjunction with Eve’s Trust, that Lee Hendrie and Darren Anderton have signed up again for more this year.

 Having played in the legends game last year I can confirm that Hendrie and Anderton are formidable opponents. A photograph after the game was the closest I came to Lee Hendrie all afternoon and Anderton would probably walk into the current Rovers set up even now. Both are a touch of class both on and off the pitch and are a shining example to some of the more apathetic pros currently plying their trade in the premier league. You can’t imagine Anderton sharing the shisha pipe with Gabby Agbonlahor for example.

Lee Hendrie3
That’s me looking knackered in the background… Still the closest I got to Lee Hendrie until after the game.

So that is a midfield three of Darren Anderton, Paul Merson and Lee Hendrie. Over 1000 games at the top level and 52 England caps between them. All I can say to whoever is lucky enough to play this year is ‘good luck’!

This year’s legends event takes place on 18th June and everyone who buys a ticket will also receive a raffle ticket with the chance to win a signed Rovers shirt as well as the programme from James Coppinger’s record breaking game, signed by the man himself.

Paul Merson Announced for Legends Game

With this year legends game due to take place on June 18th, we are delighted to announce that the magic man himself, Paul Merson, is the first player to be confirmed for this years game.

Having spent an evening in the company of Merse I can confirm that he is great value and has a lot of time for his fans. The chance to actually see the man himself back on the pitch is a tantalizing one.

A veteran of nearly 300 appearances for Arsenal alone, Merse was one of the most naturally talented players of his generation. Whilst his private life was murky, it has become part of the mythology of one the premier leagues great characters.

Once again Eve’s Trust has shown they are capable of providing the people of Doncaster with only the biggest names around. With lots more exciting announcements to come, including some ex Rovers players, this year legends event promises to be at least as big and successful as previous years.