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Competition – WIN A FREE SHIRT!

Selfie Competition


Olé Olé, Olé Olé, Olé Olé, Donny Rovers away, Donny Rovers away, Olé Olé!!! 

We’ve had Donny Rovers fans loud and proud at home or on the road for many a season and travelled the length and breadth of the country in spreading our viking cheer… but how much further afield have you taken you’re beloved Rovers shirts?

Over the glorious summer we’ve seen a plethora of red-faced blokes, knobbly kneed sons and daughters and sun-bleached wives sporting the famous red and white hoops in destinations ranging from York to New York, Skegness to Skiathos.
You know whilst your cramming your newly bought comedy Hawaiian style shirt and ‘worn once, every year’ flipflops into your suitcase that you always make room for a Rovers shirt to wear with pride as you strut down the ‘strip’, offering a gentleman’s nod to any other football league fan you pass who happens to eye-up the badge and try to figure you out.
We’ve enjoyed your holiday snaps on our facebook group so much that we’re wanting more!!So – we’re proposing a competition!!In keeping with the vain modern phenomena of looking at your own face through a lens we want our loyal supporters to get out there and get taking some selfies!! They don’t necessarily have to be ‘holiday’ photos seen as the sun seems to have disappeared quicker than Paul Quinn at a training ground but the rules are – they have to contain something rovers related (whether this be a rovers shirt, ground, player, ex-player, or anything else ridiculously linked with the club) and they have to contain at least one face!
AND to reward you for your gurning efforts, we will pick out our favourite to win a FREE home or away shirt come the end of the year!!You can’t say fairer than that!!So get out there, cameras at the ready, and get them uploaded to either our facebook group ‘Doncaster Rovers FC‘ with the #drfcselfie hashtag or tag us in twitter @DRSG_DRFC with your picture!! Alternatively if you’re not much of a social media wizard send them direct to us at: info@doncasterroverssupportersgroup.orgWe will pick out our favourites every month and take the winning nominations to a vote on our forum here before announcing the winner in the new year!!!

So, inspired by Dangerous Dave Morley – get snapping!!



Footgolf comes to Doncaster this weekend.  One of the fastest growing hybrid sports has launched its centre of excellence in High Melton and the Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group has secured a fantastic deal for you to try it out!

Ever fancied yourself as a dead ball specialist?  Do you pull out of tackles faster than David Cotterill? Well nows your chance to prove your worth in the non-contact sport thats taking the nation by storm!

For just £1 (the price of a child to watch Rovers Vs. Leek in the Conference) you can try out the new facilities. Simply ring 0800 6899552 and quote ‘Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group’ when making your booking to get a trial of the course at this amazing price this weekend only.

High Melton
South Yorkshire

Opens: 9AM
Last Tee Off: 19:30

No football boots or blades to be worn on the course.

See what its all about here:

“It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards of FootGolf”
T. Offe

Doncaster Rovers / Leicester City Alliance

Football, that all encompassing, unavoidable sport loved by idiots and intellectuals alike, a cross continental marvel, media cash-cow, a platform of athletic prowess where some protein shake fuelled metro-sexuals prance about chasing down that bag o’ wind for an hour and half whilst we sup our ales down the Nags’ or freeze our knackers off in the stands. A sport loved by all, but to quote spouses and partners nationwide, apologetically trying to lift you out of the latest slump “Its just a game“.
There are moments in football that prove it is so much more than just a game though; sobering moments. None more sobering than what happened on 3rd May, the final day of the season at the King Power Stadium, Leicester – and i’m not talking about Doncaster Rovers relegation.
As thousands of Rovers’ fans were willing the Vikings to get back into the game, anxiously keeping their eyes on the Birmingham score, one fan Ray Dunning, was receiving CPR at the ground following a suspected aneurysm. Unfortunately Ray didn’t make it home from that game, a tragic loss at only 42.
Naturally the players, staff and fellow supporters paid their condolences through social media and the response from both the Leicester fans, the wider footballing community and our own Vikings was phenomenal – his wife paid testament to the overwhelming response online.
But what happened after this started something remarkable, something rarely seen amongst football supporters these days – an alliance, all united in sharing their love of football, united in the shared tragedies and a sort of community spirit (as a similar and equally as harrowing incident happened at the stadium to Foxes fan Roger Evans a month before; he suffered a heart attack and passed away before a home match against Brighton).
What felt, at first, like a brief exchange of niceties and a shared condolence escalated into something far beyond that, friendships began being formed – an alliance page appeared on facebook and gained members fast!! Together they produced wrist-bands for sale – all proceeds going to charity, scarves and flowers were laid at the Keepmoat from both sets of fans, and now – long after the dust has settled, they are still making waves to bring supporters together in aid of the memory of our fallen supporters.
Show your support and respect to Ray Dunning and Roger Evans by following the alliance and their activities. (
They have formed alliance Sunday League teams and are in the process of arranging a charity match against each other, as well as various other fundraising events. More than anything it instills a faith in humanity, an idea that beyond just the football and the shouting and the results and the resentment… we’re all fans, all humans, and if we could all work together for once we might achieve something special.
There is a Ray Dunning Scholarship Charity Night on Friday 4th July at the Central Club in Stainforth, starting at 7:30pm, tickets are £7.50 and it includes tribute bands, a disco, meet the stig, raffle and all them other funny japes that come with social club drinking!!
Keep up the good work Doncaster Rovers / Leicester City Alliance, you have our full support!