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Doncaster Rovers vs Newport County – Preview

Doncaster Rovers vs. Newport County: Match Preview

After Saturday’s uplifting victory by the seaside, it is seemingly impossible for a Rovers fan to not look forward to our next game…

With arguably the best performance since Darren Ferguson came to the club against Morecambe, the Rovers players surely must be on a high – especially considering that no one was added to the ever-growing injury list. Hopefully, Fergie’s men will be able to build on a stellar performance, maintain their winning mentality and manage to recreate something similar. With players like Coppinger, Marquis and Blair on sublime form this seems exceedingly likely.

On the subject of injuries, Tyler Garrett finally made it back onto the bench and may become closer to first team football sooner rather than later. Both Baudry and Alcock are also close to making a return, which may cause the Rovers manager to flirt with the idea of a back five featuring these newly fit players alongside Butler and Wright. Considering our current form with a back four though, such drastic changes to the personnel and formation seem highly unlikely. The only change to the starting eleven that could justifiably be made would be replacing Harry Middleton for Ricardo Calder who was particularly impressive over the weekend, even though he played on the right hand side, when he came on in the second half. Frazer Richardson may also make a return to the side, considering the knock he took at Crewe wasn’t severe, whilst players like Paul Keegan and Gary McShefferey are still very far away from fitness.

The last time we met Newport County was in 1987, where we lost 1-0 to the Welsh side. Admittedly, this means our previous form against them isn’t much to go on when it comes to predicting how the game will go. The Exiles have only won one game so far this season, leaving them in 20th in the league. Warren Feeney’s side’s last game ended in a 2-2 draw against Cheltenham, a side that sits one position above them in the table, with new signing Jon Parkin scoring two goals.

One to watch:

Newport’s aforementioned fixture against Cheltenham brings us swiftly to my ‘one to watch’ for this game: the ex-Rovers striker Jon Parkin.  So far, the infamous ‘beast’ has netted three goals for the side – two of which were in Newport’s most recent fixture. Although he was desperately unlucky during his tenure for us, he has always performed well elsewhere and is part of a long line of Rovers strikers who produced nothing for us in comparison to their work at other clubs.

Big Weekend:

Cedric Evina – Although he started the season moderately well, it seems that since Crewe away the left back’s confidence has diminished, making him much weaker than he previously was at the back. The main concern with Evina in my opinion is that he is much more competent when attacking than he is in his actual role as a defender, with most attacks from the opposition coming from the left. Now Tyler Garrett is fit the Frenchman has to ensure that he is solid at the back so he doesn’t lose his place in the team full stop by being demoted to the bench.

Lizzie Robinson

Mansfield Town vs Doncaster Rovers – EFL Trophy Match Report

Unlike the embarrassing 337 who couldn’t help themselves and don’t have the capacity understand the nature and relevance of a boycott, we didn’t attend. Because of this, and in tribute to all of our shit cunt supporters the match report will instead feature a list of our top 10 worst chants ever heard at rovers:

In no particular order heres our cringe-worthiest verses ever sung on the terraces:

1.) We’re proud of you,
we’re proud of you,
we’re proud of you,
we’re proud.
(Sung after losing or being knocked out of tournaments)

2.)  We don’t care about Rotherham,
we don’t care about Leeds,
all we care about,
is DRFCeeeeeeeeeeeee

3.) O’Driscoll says,
we’re bouncing round the ground,
bouncing round the ground,
bouncing round the ground.
(He never, ever said that. Nor condoned that behaviour i’d imagine)

4.) Easy, Easy, Easy, Easy.
(Sung after scoring, courtesy of the worst type of LAD culture)

5.) I am a Yorkshire man,
I am a Rovers fan,
Don’t know what i want but i know how to get it,
*muffled misplaced lyric*
Cos iiiii wanna beeeee,
(To the tune of Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols)

6.) Woke up this morning feeling fine,
got Donny Rovers on my mind,
we play football the way, the way it should
(sometimes) <<<<<*LOL*
Something tells me we’re into something good
(To the tune of I’m into something good by Herman’s Hermits)

7.) Who needs Mourinho,
We’ve got Dave Pe-enney

8.) Fergie had a dream,
To build a football team,
He had no players so he had to sign them on loan,
We play from the back,
With Marquis in attack,
We’re Donny Rovers,
We’re on our way back,
De, de,, de, de, de, de…

9.) Is this the way to hammer Villa,
Every night I’ve been hugging my pillow,
Dreaming dreams of Donny Rovers,
And the goals they score for me,
We showed you how to hammer Villa,
O’Leary’s weeping like a willow,
Cyring over ref’s decisions,
And the Rovers’ victory,

Sha la la la la la la la – Rovers.
(Tin pot as fuck)

10.) Billy Billy Whitehouse,
Is better than Ronaldo,
Cos we saaaaid so,
Cos we saaaaaid so.
(To the tune of Cum on Feel the Noise by Quiet Riot. It literally doesn’t get any worse than this)

5 things to do instead of going to watch EFL Trophy Fixtures

As I’m sure you’re all woefully unaware tonight marks the beginning of the English football league’s brand new, shit-smeared format for the EFL Trophy (formally the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy).

No doubt we all squealed with delight at the thought of having to pay yet another 20 odd quid to see our proud boys square off against a Norwich youth side in a match of total insignificance for a trophy of little prestige. Reality has drawn us in our ‘group’ opener against Mansfield; a match with all sorts of genuinely exciting, meaningful and passionate connotations (scabs, scabs, scabs) soiled by a trophy that has undergone such a politically and financially dubious re-brand. Naturally, we at the DRSG (as well as loads of other supporters across the country) have called for a boycott of these fixtures, for the sake of both our sanity, dignity and our bank balances.

Knowing you however, the apathetic, lonely, bored and feckless lower-league football supporter, we’re more than aware how difficult it might be to turn down the temptation of blowing a tenner on wasting a night in another shite northern cess-pit. So to counter this we’ve decided to comp together a list of suggestions for things that you could do that would definitely be more fulfilling than going to watch any EFL Trophy matches:

1.) Do the same shit you do every other night that the EFL Trophy doesn’t exist.

That’s right, you the reader being the stereotypical football supporter this means we’re suggesting you cosy in with your Iceland frozen curry, watch endless re-runs of Top Gear specials, share the shit out of Lad Bible memes and wank yourself furiously to Habbo Hotel. (Just us then?)

2.) Go and actually play some football.

That’s right, football isn’t just a sport reserved for moisturised, tattooed dickheads! You too, the urban dickhead, can enjoy a good old fashioned game of togger too. Get yourself down to the Keepmoat Stadium cages to add an extra ‘edge’ to your boycott by spending your hard earned pennies on our cash-thirsty club anyway; there’s a small chance you’ll shift a few pounds, and a large chance you’ll play better than ATS does every week.

3.) Take a maniac out for a pint

Being a Rovers fan, it’s only natural we assume you are a total social recluse with a desperate desire to have friends. Good news! Being from a town with literally nothing else to do on an evening but get shit-faced there’s a whole host of like-minded desperate souls who’ll gladly share a pint and a story about the good old days about when they got caned at school and life daan t’pit. Doncaster town centre is a real hive for these toothless, thirsty companions; why not take that scruffy bloke who’s ‘lost his key’ for a 99p J-bomb?
If you lack the motivation to actually go outside, Viking Chat’s ‘Off Topic’ section offers a similar experience to spend your night debating with pissed up, foggy old Croaks.


4.) Book yourself in for some cosmetic surgery.

If you happen to have read John Ryan’s eloquently penned auto-biography ‘Dare to Dream’ you might have noticed a few subtle, between-the-lines references to a plastic surgery company that offers to Make Yourself Amazing. If nothing else, being involved in the DRSG has taught us one thing; that being a rovers fan goes hand in hand with being physically repulsive. If you are one of the masses of cretinous monstrosities that closer resembles football catering to actual human, perhaps a little time on the surgeons table wouldn’t go amiss. A little face-lift or hair-replacement never hurt anyone (apart from actual literal pain it causes); Dean Saunders and John Ryan can testify to it themselves.

5.)Start up a Rovers based supporters group.

Allow us to assure you that being part of a supporters group for rovers fans is wholly fulfilling and not at all a fruitless procrastination from all those things you should be doing like getting better jobs, being nice to your wives or girlfriends, or coming to terms with your rampant, closeted homosexuality. A club like ours deserves at least 3 more supporters groups to palm their personal opinions off as those of the masses and to swan about the stadium with an overwhelming sense of self-importance. With the famous DRSG vs VSC spat being simmered to near luke-warm perhaps its time for a more volatile, more committed and far better looking band of idiots to set up their own group to pretend they’re making a difference with. Viva la revolution!

So there you have it! You have no excuse to be suckered into attending this frankly disgraceful fixture, when all 5 of our alternative evening plans would prove far more beneficial to your mental health, social life and in some cases physical appearance. Enjoy your night off from the relentless grind of being a disregarded football fan, and I’ll see you all on Habbo Hotel!

Doncaster Rovers vs Cambridge United – Preview

Will Rovers finally get their fourth win of the calendar year?

I’m honestly not sure how to answer that question. After picking up their first point of the season against Crawley on Saturday, one can only hope that we are getting closer and closer to winning at match at last. Not conceding a late goal in our last game was refreshing and although the first half performance was truly shambolic, the second half was definitely something Fergie’s men can build on.

Rovers last met Cambridge in the FA Cup on the 6th December where we beat the home side 3-1,with Conor Grant scoring an absolute worldie. Last season, the U’s finished in ninth position –missing out on the playoffs by seven points. Shaun Derry’s men are fresh off the back of a loss to Colchester United, but one simply can’t overlook the fact they also had a shock victory over Sheffield Wednesday in the first round of the EFL Cup. This may unnerve the Rovers players a little bit because it shows that the Cambridge side isn’t afraid of facing any opponent, no matter how ‘big’ of a club they are.

In terms of team news, nothing much has changed. Fergie has stated that Paul Keegan is no longer injured, but isn’t match fit due to a lack of training in pre-season. Baudry and McSheffery aren’t far off making the squad either, but Alcock, McCullough and ATS (thank the lord) are still nowhere near fitness.

Saturday’s game hasn’t eased Fergie’s goalkeeper predicament either, with Etheridge failing to pull off a great performance yet again. Perhaps once our better defenders return from injury, the quality of our goalkeeper simply won’t matter as much. Whether the front two will remain the same is also a tough question. Fergie has openly criticised Williams’ performance in his post-match interview and one could infer that he is considering making a change to the front two. However, if he is going to start Williams he has made an error giving him criticism to the press – it can only hinder his confidence and therefore his overall performance.

Prediction: Doncaster Rovers 1 – 1 Cambridge United (Marquis)

I just can’t see Rovers snatching a win here, we don’t really have the ability up front or in defence right now. It is about time Marquis snatched a goal though, he has impressed me in every game so far and I think once he gets one goal he will get many more this season. This might be impossible if Williams remains in the team however – he needs a quicker striker to play alongside.

Can’t see the wood for the trees

As Rovers stare into the abyss, League Two gazes also in to Rovers. And with this realisation comes the usual frenzied clamour from the belligerent masses for “misters”, “mesters”, “pros” and “men” to don their battle gear and fight to the bitter end, or May, in a valiant attempt to guide the club to the promised land of third tier lower mid table. But for me I think we’ve already found our leader, the Scouse Boy King.

As I witnessed Conor Grant hurriedly remove himself from the path of a dangerously inswinging Shrewsbury set-piece last week, I cast my mind instantly to the demise of Finland’s telecommunication and forestry sectors and how very profound this latest turn of events was.

The evasive actions of the little wizard from Fazakerley led to the only goal of an otherwise forgettable game and plunged Rovers deeper into the relegation mire. To the casual observer this seemed like a rather dire state of affairs, however to me, the thinking man’s thinker, it seemed like the dawn of a brave and bold new world.

Steve Jobs is dead. Despite the attempts of Ashton Kutcher (2013) and Michael Fassbender (2015) to breathe new life into the former Apple kingpin, there is to be no return. But in 2011, whilst most of the world mourned his passing, the people of Helsinki rejoiced. Steve Jobs had brought nothing but pain to the citizens of the Land of a Thousand Lakes. His insistence on doing away with paper had rendered the vast pine plantations of the Nordic nation obsolete, whilst his fondness for making popular phones proved too much for Nokia to bear.

For the people of Finland this is the tech guru’s destructive legacy. An economic bastard laying waste to all they’d worked hard for. But really they have only themselves to blame. Steve left many things behind, including a company worth more than Switzerland and a $200 billion cash reserve, but he also left behind his cache of wise words. If the good people of the western vodka belt had only mined this rich seam of philosophical gems then they too could have been laughing all the way to the European Central Bank.

As it was, they chose instead to stick resolutely to the teachings of Elton John’s favourite man manager, Graham Taylor. “More and more in modern day football I see no defender on the post. Now I can understand why people do that, but I don’t agree with it”. Trapped in a cycle of tradition and heritage, aching back to the good old days, Finland resolutely kept their man on the post. Twas ever thus and ever thus shall be. And what did they get for it? Well and truly fucked.

And as Conor Grant stood in front of the South Stand in the 62nd minute, clutching the near post and eyeing up Shaun Whalley’s right peg, he knew this all too well. But Conor Grant had three advantages over Finland. He’d seen Steve Jobs (2015), he’d seen Jobs (2013) and he’d seen Steve Jobs: One Last Thing (2011). And Conor Grant knew that for years people had stood at the near post and headed the ball clear and what did they have to show for it? A stockpile of useless timber and a multinational corporation on the verge of bankruptcy.

And so, as the ball careered towards his head Conor turned to Steve Jobs for advice. “Conor”, Steve Jobs whispered to him, “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. So Conor ducked. Because Conor is a leader. And that’s exactly what we need.


By The LJ Monk

Paul Dickov Sacked as manager

Its official!

After much speculation, disagreement, statistics and frustration and no doubt plenty of consideration by our usually dormant board they have finally decided it is the right time to show Paul Dickov the door.

Following an unarguably disappointing start to the campaign that has seen us gather just 6 points from our opening 6 matches through a series of lacklustre performances in which we seem to be fruitless in front of goal it seems most fans, bar the odd maniac, had turned on the scot.

His number seemed up when irrepressible shyster, internet gob and quality t-shirt manufacturer Robert Ghosh made his ‘Dickov Out’ campaign public at the meet the owners, and Dickov (in one of his finest moments as Rovers manager) called the young antagonist a “nob”.

Speculation has already begun about his replacement, no doubt Dave Penney, SOD, Saunders, Sammy Chung, Kevin Keegan, Brain Flynn and Fred Emery will all be suggested by respected nostalgia hunters and will undoubtedly find their way onto an odds list somewhere.

Onwards and upwards for the Rovers, here’s hoping the new appointment’s name will fit in an easy to learn, repetitive song so the Black Bank can repeat it endlessly with mild enthusiasm.



BREAKING NEWS: Thorsten Stuckmann Signs!!!

Thats right, its official, Paul Dickov and his DRFC team have found the pen, blown off the cobwebs and made their first signing of the pre-season!!

Bringing in the towering monster of a keeper Thorsten Stuckmann from Preston North End  we’re aiming to be more assured between the sticks next season. With a growing reputation as a penalty maestro and measuring a dizzying 6ft 6 regardless of ability he’s sure to be a HUGE addition to the squad.

Just don’t take any photos of him stood next to short-man-syndrome Paul Dickov eh?



Make a difference

The DRSG today have backed two charities for the Doncaster Rovers Official Charity of the Year 2015. Both Charities selected below meet the criteria of being extremely active within the Doncaster Borough and their work is respected and known by most, if not all DRFC fans.


The Eve Merton Dreams Trust

Eve Merton Dreams Trust - Doncaster Rovers Charity

Who we are?

The Eve Merton Dreams Trust was set up in 2011 by Martin Lawrence and Clynton Johnson. It is a non profit organisation that donates the money it raises to help create a dream for a terminally or seriously ill cancer patient in the Doncaster area.

Why do we exist?

We exist after the unfortunate passing of Martin’s mother to cancer in January 2011 and are jointly dedicated to help make a difference to raising awareness and funds.

What are our intentions?

Our intentions are to raise money via generous donations and a number of organised events, ideally while encouraging healthy activities. The money raised from these sources will then be allocated out in grants to a number of Doncaster’s serious and terminally ill Cancer patients. This will be done through a request system within the site and help as many Doncaster people as we can. We aim to help these patients by funding essential illness related materials, granting a wish or hopefully fulfilling a Dream

For more information on the Eve Merton Dreams Trust visit the Website here:


The Ray Dunning Scholarship Fund

Paul Mayfield Gnome - Doncaster Rovers fans

Rover’s fans came together by the tragic passing of Ray Dunning at Leicester on the 3rd of May this year. Ray died doing something he loved, supporting the Rovers. The amazing spirit of Ray lives on through his wife, Ange Dunning who has been instrumental in setting up the Ray Dunning Scholarship Fund with its aim to provide football kit to children aged between 5 and 10, who share a passion for playing the beautiful game but cannot afford the financial burden that goes with it. Along side we have seen the setting up of Team 23 which really encapsulates the DRFC spirit. A team of like minded individuals who have come together to raise awareness to the Foundation, building life long friendships with Leicester fans, where the fateful event took place and most importantly, keeping the spirit of Ray Dunning alive through ensuring those who want to play football can

Please give these charities all your backing and donate as much as you feel you can – i really does make a difference to peoples lives.

Want to nominate a charity to be the Clubs Official Charity Partner for 2015? Send your nomination to that the Charity has a Registered Number associated with it.

Closing for nominations is the 5th December 2014.

Interview – Mark McCammon!

Mark Mccammon - Doncaster Rovers Keepmoat goalscorer

If you were to ask any Rovers fan, who was your favourite Barbadian Rovers player, most would of course plum for Jonathan Forte. Regardless the DRSG decided to interview the inaugural goal-scorer at the Keepmoat Stadium, Mark McCammon!!


1) You spent your entire football career before DRFC in what we’d class as the South (Yes, we include Bristol), what did you find the strangest thing about us Northern folk?

I didn’t find anything strange, only the change of accent, which I expected. I find northern people are more relaxed maybe because of the less stress you have rather than the London hectic lifestyle.

 2) You’ve previously criticised Dennis Wise and Mark Stimson’s style of management. If you had to go and work for one of them again which one would it be?

I would work for both, you have your ups and downs in football, but if it does get to that stage people with pride play for most importantly the supporters because they pay your wages, their team mates because they have goals and ambitions, and also playing for yourself and family whatever your goal will be.

3) It took you 9 minutes to score the first goal at the Keepmoat stadium, what did it feel like being the player who summoned in a new era for DRFC?

It’s a real honour to had become the first goalscorer ever at the Keepmoat, everyone was desperate to get it, Paul Heffernan‎ nearly scored a couple of minutes before so when I was in front of goal I had to keep my composure. It’s great because I know the first goal ever always stays in the archive.

4) You were brought into the club by John Ryan – do you still keep in contact and what are your opinions on our former owner?

John Ryan was the best chairman I’ve ever had in terms of his love for the club, his ambition and visions was to take the club as far as possible, he was always polite and respectful to me and we had a chat, laugh and a joke whenever possible. I like that in a chairman who bonded a relationship with the players. The last time I had spoke to John Ryan was towards the end of last season to arrange a commentary for a home match at the Keepmoat.

5) In your time at DRFC which 3 players did you get on with the most?

That’s hard to answer, one thing about this club was that their was no segregation, everyone stuck together and there was no best mates. It was like a family atmosphere.

6) Who would you say had the biggest influence on your football career?

Sean O’driscoll for sure, he bought the best out of me and identified my strengths and weaknesses, he made me feel like the best player ever. His tactical awareness was second to none and he always did his homework on the opposition so we knew in advance what we were up against.

7) You scored a goal at Brentford that quite clearly went in the goal and came back through the net, yet the referee, nor the linesman gave it. Did you consider lifting them above your head and throwing them over the stadium for such a blatant act of cheating?

I was more than throwing them out the stadium I was furious! and Jon Forte didn’t help because he said to me it went wide seconds after I scored, if more people had gathered together and backed me at the time I would had demanded the goal. And i also lost my goal bonus. ‎The main thing is that we went on to win the game and proceed through to the next round of the FA cup.

8) Belle Vue or Keepmoat? 

50/50 I know there was a history at Belle Vue. And it made me appreciate football more. When moving to the Keepmoat, the facilities were great and it is the perfect stadium to move the club forward in the right direction.

9) Despite playing a prominent role in Rovers promotion to the Championship, how hard was it to leave Rovers for Gillingham who were 2 divisions below the club you’d left?

Was very hard, Sean could only offer me a year to stay, which wasn’t enough as I thought I deserved more for the work I had put in after getting promoted. I like a challenge and at the time I thought it was a good move to Gillingham and very close to home, and to get promoted in the first season. But at that club things got from bad to worse and I had to be professional and play for the cause at all times.

10) At Elland Road, did you enjoy lashing the ball into some poor Leeds fans face about 6 minutes into first half?

Haha I really can’t remember that. If I did do that it must had been frustration and I hope I didn’t injure anyone.


And now for the rest…..
11) Who would win in an arm wrestle between yourself and Adebayo Akinfenwa?

I’m due a re-match with bayo as he cheated last time we had an arm wrestle at Gillingham. It was 50/50 up to the point he leant over and used his back. He is very strong and I’ve got a lot stronger in the past few years so it would be a very interesting contest.

12) You played internationally for Barbados; can you cook any of the national cuisine?

The usual West Indian dish. Rice and chicken. (surprise surprise) lol

13) Out of these named DRFC players, which do you think you could bench press? James Coppinger, Sean McDaid, Richie Wellens, Neil Sullivan.

I have a personal best bench press of 200kg so if I did the estimated maths. Neil Sullivan 90kg, Sean Mcdaid 70‎kg and Copps around 76 so would give it a go 2 players and a half. Lol

14) What’s the best ‘bad joke’ you know?

What did the tomato say to the other tomato? “Go ahead I’ll ketchup”

15) If you could be any type of Muppet character, which one would you be?

Haha crazy question. Probably Kermit the frog.

16) If Mustapha Dumbuya had a pony, what would it be called?

MusDum‎ lol

17) Who would play you in a film about your life?

Jason Price‎ great actor him lol

18) Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers all day long. If they fit hehe


19) What song irritates the life out of you every time you hear it?

Started from the bottom. Drake


20) What’s your biggest regret in life?

No regrets, everything happens for a reason and you learn from them.

Mark is now a personal trainer based in London, however he’s keen to offer a free fitness day to all Rovers fans on a match day. If you’re interested in any of the training sessions Mark offers or are interested in the fitness day – please contact Mark directly on his Facebook page here:

Exclusive Interview – John Ryan!!!


This summer brought more takeover frenzy at the Keepmoat as John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson launched a bid to try and become joint owners of the club. The bid was unsuccessful with the Football Leagues regulations standing in their way. As a result John Ryan announced that he was ‘finished with football’, something that no doubt brought great dismay to all Doncaster Rovers fans.

The man who saved DRFC in 1998 from inevitable liquidation was announcing the end of one amazing ride which had seen us win 4 promotions, including 2 play off wins, claim the Johnstones Paint Trophy and have a giant killing run in the League Cup.

I’d tried several times to get into contact with John since the collapse but with no avail. The pain of the summer’s events had no doubt taken its toll.  However when I finally got a chance to speak to our most successful chairman, through his daughter Claire I didn’t know how to approach it.

My whole Doncaster Rovers supporting life under John Ryan had for the most been a fulfilling experience. I’d argue that not many supporters in Britain had been treated to such highs that we’d had at the club and I wanted to relive that with the man who’d delivered it.

It was clear from the moment John picked up the phone that football still played a huge part in his life. The passion and romance John still displayed when he spoke about the club was still there. It was like speaking to any fan I’d come across. After all this was a supporter of the club first and a Chairman second.

I was keen to focus on the great times we had and not those that have stained the last two summers and John delivered in so many ways. His voice crackled with emotion when he talked of the achievements made and the sense of camaraderie at the club during its meteoric rise.


So we at the DRSG present to you, the most influential man in Doncaster Rovers history, John Ryan in his first interview since the summer!


1) You came back to the club in 1998 when the club had next to nothing in terms of equipment. Was there anything you had to send a lackey out to get last minute, as they never got taken into consideration till the last minute?

The club was knackered when I arrived back, the club needed money desperately, I had to give a bond to the Conference for a substantial sum, people didn’t realise what a situation we were in. We had to pick players up on the way down to Dover; I celebrated because we only lost 1-0.  We had no shirts so I’d been in contact with Neil Warnock to borrow some off Sheffield United. As it was we found some of the East Riding Sacks shirts and wore those. The fans were terrific in those early days, helping fix up the Stadium to ensure we could play. Everyone wanted to contribute, a great sense of camaraderie and team spirit surged through the club.


2) How much truth is there in the rumour that you bought all the squad a Peters Crispy Cod following promotion one year? What would you recommend from the menu?

I always recommend Crispy Cod because it’s the finest Fish and Chip shop in the whole of England. I’m partial to Fish and Chips and I’ve tried them up and down the country, mainly at away venues where Rovers are playing. After the game where we’d won handsomely I delivered it to them, it was great fun. I know players shouldn’t eat Fish and Chips but I was more than happy for them to do it on a Saturday night after they’d thrashed a side then it’s fair enough with a pint of bitter to go with it. That was the ‘Pub team having a laugh’ mentality. My Bentley has seen plenty of Fish and Chips piled in the back, the last time being just last week. I was in Doncaster and found time to nip off for a Crispy Cod.


3) Your goals to game ratio at DRFC is worse than Mark Sales, Justin Jacksons and Neil Campbell’s, do you feel you could have delivered more on the pitch in our Conference promotion year?

No because my record if you look at it another way is: Played one, won one!


4) Off the fence now, Belle Vue or the Keepmoat Stadium?

Without any doubt, Belle Vue. Fantastic atmosphere, other than the Keepmoat for the Southend game it is unfortunately fairly soulless.


5) Who has been your favourite DRFC player to grace our turf during your time at the helm? 

I think Coppinger. Closely followed by Wellens and Stock.


6) What has been your best moment at Doncaster Rovers?

Without doubt walking on the Wembley pitch having beaten Leeds, I was in dreamland. It couldn’t have been any better if we’d beaten Manchester United, it couldn’t have been any better than beating good old Leeds United!


7) What’s the worst you’ve been treated as a Chairman at an opposition ground?

Worst was at Boston United away when a load of purported Rovers fans, though I believe they were Donny Whites spent the whole game having a go at me and I was with my daughter so that left me feeling very, very annoyed. That was way back in the conference.


8) Have you ever signed a player on a whim without seeing them play?

I don’t think I have really. I always left that with my manager and his scouting network.


9) What’s been your favourite Rovers chant of all time?

‘Just a Pub team, having a laugh’ – it embodied the tremendous spirit going through the club in those years and a tremendous enthusiasm that somewhere along the way we seem to have lost.


10) Where do you honestly think we’ll finish this season?

My heart says playoffs, my head says…mid table.


11) Have you ever donned the Donny Dog outfit and masqueraded in disguise?

No hahaha. I can’t get in, its too small. Otherwise I probably would have done. I left that to Andy Liney!


12) What moment has made you laugh more than any other at football?

Andy Liney when he was mimicking the dance behind all the Vikettes. Definitely one from Andy Lineys time as Donny Dog, though I must add Claire does a fantastic job too


The questions on everyone’s lips:

13) What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen?

Without doubt that bloody film with the guy from Ali G, it was bloody awful, erm, I think its called Borat!


14) What is your favourite cheese?

Smoked Austrian


15) Who’s the most famous person in your phone contacts?

I’ll give you three, Sir Alex Ferguson, Kevin Pieterson and Louis Tomlinson


16) Whats your signature dish. Do you make a mean Spag Bol?

My signature dish is definitely collecting Fish and Chips. I don’t cook so I don’t make a mean Spag Bol or a mean anything else.


17) What’s your biggest phobia?

Watching Leeds United win!


18) Boxers or briefs?

Hahaha too much info!


19) 1D or John Parr?

1D – I like John Parr but I must say 1D as I saw them in concert not long back and they were brilliant!


20) If Mustapha Dumbuya had a pony what would it be called?



Final question (its a thinker): If you could have a chance to play again in a testimonial game – who would you take on, under what manager and with what other 10 rovers players in your side?

I’d like to take on a Manchester United legends team, captained by Bryan Robson and managed by Sir Alex Ferguson

GK: Sullivan

RB: Marples

CB: Jones

CB: McCombe

LB: Snodin

RM: Coppinger

CM: Wellens

CM: Stock

LM: Mcindoe

ST: Sharp

ST: Jeffery


Manager: Sean O’Driscoll


So that brings us to the end of my brief encounter with John Ryan. The one thing clear throughout the interview was the passion displayed towards the club and the camaraderie shown by the fans and directors alike to build the club to what it is today. We chased a dream and cut teams down to size along the way.

If John Ryan never returns to the capacity as Chairman of the club he has achieved a legacy that will be unsurpassed. After years of being a team who were regularly joked about we suddenly began to laugh harder than those around us. The youth football pitches started to fill up with Doncaster Rovers shirts and the town proudly acknowledged there was a football team again.

So on behalf of the DRSG and the supporters of a club that was on the brink of extinction, thanks for giving this generation and the next somewhere to go dream every Saturday!


John Ryan was interviewed by Wesley Grimes on behalf of the Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group