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Doncaster Rovers Supporters Group AGM

On the 3rd May 2015, Hyde Park Working Mens Club was host to the Doncaster Rovers Supporters Groups inaugural AGM. Having had the pleasure of watching Rovers smash Scunny all over the park a good turn out ensued at the Club with a good mixture of young and old there to hear our achievements over the last 12 months, discuss our plans for the next year and take up the opportunity to ask Gavin Baldwin and Ryan Murrant any questions they had about the work the DRSG had completed and the fan engagement operation within the club.

We opened with Lewis Grimes addressing the crowd and giving a light hearted account of our formation, our vision and our work to date. Covering the Fan Panel, our Supporter relations, and our founding of the Black Bank initiative he spoke about our passion to drive this, for you, the fans who have welcomed the idea of a better atmosphere at the Keepmoat. Reiterating our strong sense of responsibility towards Charities in the local community he welcomed any Charity ideas our members may have, talked about our assistance in pushing the Clubs Charity of the year vote as well as helping requests for help from the Ray Dunning Scholarship Fund as well as our pledge to help the Eve Merton Dreams Trust in its promotion of the Charity Game held at the Keepmoat and also look at future ventures that can help the above named Charities.

Moving onto our plans for the next 12 months, we announced that we would continue to assist the club in continuing to advise and work closely around fan engagement, involving ourselves in all aspects of the issues that we believe affects our members and seeking feedback on what matters to you, the fans.

We announced our plans to host the DRSG Cup, bringing several teams linked with Doncaster Rovers close together to compete for glory with the ambition to raise enough money to sponsor a player with the club for the 2015/2016 season.

Our intention to continue to work with the Club over the close season, particularly in terms of flags and concourse within the South and this will no doubt resonate with every Rovers fan that this is currently lacking any oomph. We would love to hear from any fans who have ideas of what they’d like to see from the concourses.

However the bulk of our work will be put into the Black Bank, ensuring structure and sustainability for not just this year or next but for generations to come. With that we’ve met some amazing, driven individuals who have helped us to shape this dream and have sold their passion to the club that this will work. For those that followed us from Hyde Park Club yesterday, with the drum playing and singing all the way to the ground, it showed that this is the beginning of something special.

We will commit to continue being the driving force behind the Black Bank, using our contacts and experience gained over the last 12 months to drive this initiative further.

We then covered our rules, requesting for a vote for a rule 3d to be removed (Any application will be subject to the Committee’s endorsement.) as we believe that all fans should be welcome to join our organisation and as Committee members we are accountable to our actions should somebody willing to make changes. As a result rule 3e was no longer required (Should the committee reject an application the applicant shall be duly notified and have the right of appeal to the next committee meeting). This was voted in favour by our members by show of hands.

Moving onto Elections, Wesley Grimes, Lewis Grimes, Neil Taylor and Lee Croft, the interim committee stood and were voted in favour with a majority by show of hands.

Three names had requested to be put forward for election to the committee, these were John Fleming, Rob Johnson and Levi Werrett. All were elected unanimously by show of hands.

This concluded the DRSG’s AGM and we handed the floor over to Gavin Baldwin and Ryan Murrant who fielded several questions on the plans for future fan engagement.

After our first year the DRSG would like to thank the following people:

Gavin Baldwin and Ryan Murrant – for attending our AGM and for embracing our often ‘rough round the edges’ approach in dealing with the club. They’ve often dealt with our passion for getting it right at full force, yet have treated us with respect at all times.

Our partners, for the hours we’ve dedicated to the DRSG it has often had a negative impact on our free time. Fan Panels, meeting with fans, answering emails and our hours and hours of chatting between us has meant that you’ve had to have amazing patience. Special thanks to Laura Taylor for feeding us for our meetings. Your spread has become the work of legends!

Mark Bradley – you have been inspirational in the fan panels and have taught us so much in how to engage fans at all levels. The success stories you already have speak for themselves and your bank of contacts has helped us no end and will continue to do so.

The North Stand Loyal – One meeting with you guys and we were driven to emulate your success. If we can achieve half the stuff you guys have in one year we’ll be more than happy. Your hospitality for the Rotherham game was second to none. Just a shame the result didn’t go in the right way.

The fans of Doncaster Rovers – you are what we’re here for. Speaking to you as part of the Black Bank bucket collection threw out all different kinds of issues. We’ve helped some of you on a personal level and we hope to continue to do so over the next year.


We were formed from a simple statement ‘If you don’t like it go and start your own group’. We did! A year on we stand with in a fantastic position. We have a membership base of about 20% of our average attendance for home games. We have a great relationship with the club and we will continue to go from strength to strength. So to those who drove us through your nepotism! Catch us if you can!

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